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Over the past thirty years, Eurofinish has grown into a recognized specialist in the field of grinding and polishing of stainless steel products. Work is performed both in our workshops and on site (worldwide).  If required, we are also able to offer a 24-7 service.

Manual grinding and polishing is precision work

Creating a finish on comlex stainless steel products is predominantly done by hand. Alongside achieving the desired RA value, the look and feel of the product is also of importance. Our employees are able to work on various end products according to our clients’ preferences. Next to stainless steel, we also work with materials such as aluminium, copper, brass, steel and plastic.

Expert in surface treatment

Eurofinish ensures surface treatment for clients of all industries. We complete surface treatment on art objects, architectural objects, objects relating to the chemical industry, food industry, luxury yachts and offshore products.

First we eliminate welding seams and irregularities, followed by generating the right finish. For existing products we can make any damages or discolorations disappear. We are also active in the area of yacht refit on a global scale. Whilst grinding and polishing on site, our intention is to keep disturbances at a minimum, so that you can carry on business as usual.


We offer you the following services and  finishing possibilities:

  • Manually grinding and polishing of stainless steel
    o    High-gloss / mirror polishing
    o    Grinding for roughness (RA value)
    o    Grinding in accordance with grit size (grit 60-800)
    o    Brushing in line
    o    Brushing directionless
  • On site (worldwide) grinding and  polishing
  • The grinding and polishing of other materials


We work on products of all shapes and sizes according to the specifications handed to us by our clients. More information about other types of surface treatments? Feel free to contact us!


Contact Info

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The Netherlands

Phone: +31 513 413430

Web: www.metalfinishgroup.com