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Thanks to 30 years of experience, Metalfinish is able to mechanically finish tubes both the inside and outside, to achieve any desired roughness. The unique tube grinding machine, developed in-house at Metalfinish, allows us to grind and to polish tubes with the length up to 14,5 meters internally. We can also supply measurement reports for these lengths.

min/max diameter 60 – 500 mm
no max

Internally up to 6000 mm
min diameter 20 mm – no max limit

Internally 6000 – 14500 mm
min diameter 100 mm – no max limit

Precision work

The grinding and polishing of tubes is precision work. We have the equipment and skills to achieve the correct finish for every kind of tube. Thanks to automated & semi-automated grinding machines, we are able to work on a large diversity of stainless steel products. This includes cylinders, pipes, parts of tanks, inch pipes, gas pipes and steam pipes of various sizes and thicknesses.

Grinding tubes

Centerless Brushing is a possible surface treatment for tubesThe product is placed into the machine while turning, so it gets the desired finish. Generally, we grind in a radial direction. The grit size can vary between grit size 60 (rough) and 800 (fine).  Other grit sizes or on demand. After the polishing process, the pipes are packaged individually in plastic to prevent damaging.

Roughness Value

Clients of various industries use the expertise of Metalfinish. This includes companies from the areas of apparatus manufacture and yacht construction, but also the food industry, pharmaceutical industry or the chemical industry. During the polishing process, the surface of the tube is refined with a polishing paste. In this way, we adapt the technical characteristics of the material. Many companies in the food or pharmaceutical industry have a low roughness value as a prerequisite. This lowers the risk of bacteria attaching itself to the surface significantly. Another advantage of polished material is the high level of corrosion resistance. This is the main reason, especially for the yacht industry, to choose polished components.


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