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Mechanical or manual grinding and polishing of metal sheets by Metalfinish in Joure. We grind and polish diverse materials. We do this with utmost precision and within the required tolerances.

Expert in mechanical grinding of stainless steel sheets

Our metal sheet grindery is one of the largest in Europe with three wide belt machines (2x 2000mm / 1x 1500mm). This allows us to create finishes for stainless steel sheets in line with your requirements, regardless of their measurements and thickness.

Grinding Metal sheets

We can grind sheets by using any desired grit size (up to grit size 800!). Our machines create a beautiful and even grinding profile and, if needed, deliver the required Roughness Value (up to Ra 0,1). We grind and polish various types of material. These include standard formats and custom sheets. We can grind hot-rolled sheets up to 12.000 mm long and 12 mm thick on the broadband. The sheets can then be further processed to gloss brushed or polished. Products are always carefully packaged. The sheets can also be treated with foil, single or double sided, with laser foil or bending foil.

Various alloys

We grind or polish the following alloys:

  • RVS
  • Duplex
  • Superduplex
  • Alloy

Grinding/ brushing (Scotch Bride) silicon

Our metal sheet grindery also allows for the option of brushing. Brushing creates a nice matte finished surface. The advantage of a brushed surface is that future scratches will not be noticed. Furthermore, already existing damages or colour deviations can be eliminated. In addition, we are also offer grinding sheets by means of silicon. This material provides a finer finish than the standard aluminium oxide grains normally used for sanding. This finish is used frequently in apparatus manufacture.

  • Hasteloy
  • Titaan
  • Aluminium

Traditional grinding

We also have a department specialised in manual grinding and polishing of stainless steel. You can find more information about this craft on the website of Eurofinish.


Questions about different options? Feel free to contact us!

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