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Grinding with the required tolerances

Due to our extensive experience in stainless steel work, we are able to realise the right finish for products and clients from various industries.

Mechanical grinding

Every product requires a specific approach. Mechanical grinding is one of them. Mechanical grinding and polishing is used when we require an exact finish.

Grinding and polishing on site. Worldwide.

Do you need grinding and polishing done on site? We do not only work on site in The Netherlands, but are also active worldwide, serving a range of clients.


The machinery for the purposes of machine-grinding includes:

  • 3 Wide belt machines
  • 1 Long belt machine large (18700mm x 300mm)
  • 1 Long belt machine small (9000mm x 100mm)
  • 2 Bottom grinders
  • 2 Hull grinders
  • 1 Round grinding machine for pipes
  • 1 Tube / staff flat machine
  • 1 Backstand machine
  • 1 Internal pipe grinding machine

Contact Info

De Wielen 7
8502 TK
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 513 413430

Web: www.metalfinishgroup.com