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Increasing corrosion resistance

Can be applied in combination with all other surface treatments

It is common knowledge that stainless steel cannot be endlessly exposed to chemical or maritime environments without corrosion eventually occurring. New technologies have been developed that substantially increase the resistance of the oxide layer, significantly increasing corrosion resistance. One of these new techniques is called Polinox Protect, developed by the German company Poligrat. A technology that we offer as an extra service lifting the product to an even higher level. Customers such as Rolls Royce and Airbus prefer this surface treatment.


The Metalfinish Group is devoted to excellence in quality surface treatments for non-ferro materials with a worldwide service. This treatment lifts an object to an even higher level.

  • Increases corrosion resistance significantly

  • More resistance to temperature colours during welding

  • Removes rust, free iron and corrosion products

  • Restores the corrosion resistance of welding seams and heat influenced areas

  • Keeps surface in optimum condition

  • Restores mechanically damaged areas

  • Combats roughening


The passive oxide layer on stainless steel is about 15 nanometres thick and consists out of 5 thinner layers, each with its own chemical composition
of which the bottom three layers contain iron bonds. The Polinox Protect technique has been developed for making these three layers as iron-free as possible using organic acids. This will make a highly positive contribution to the corrosion resistance.

This treatment can easily be done both in our workspace and on site worldwide. No permits are needed as Polinox Protect is an environmental friendly technology using only organic acids.

The unique combination of H2Ofinish and Polinox Protect will lead to a greater range of applications for the well-known AISI304 & 316. Next to that the ferritic and martensitic qualities will perform better which is interesting f.e. the medical industry. Metalfinish Group has exclusive access to this combination of techniques.




polinox protect

A technology that we offer as an extra service to substantially increase the corrosion resistance of any stainless steel product. It can be applied within every department of the Metalfinish Group. Lifting the product to an even higher level. Customers such as Rolls Royce and Airbus prefer this surface

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Rolls Royce

Success story

Car manufacturer Rolls Royce has developed car types with AISI304 motor caps (Rolls Royce type Phantom) that have been treated with Polinox Protect. After four years of testing in corrosive environments, from tropical maritime environments to winter conditions with heavy road salt, it turned out that this stainless steel type worked out well in combination with the Polinox Protect, both externally and internally.

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