We offer a wide range of high quality surface treatments for all non-ferro materials.

Over the past 35 years, the Metalfinish Group has evolved into a recognized specialist in the field of surface treatment. The organization has developed on both a national and international scale with many well-known clients as references. The organization consists out of three ambitious departments, all three with their own expertise;

Eurofinish, Metalfinish & H2Ofinish.

Combined they are called the Metalfinish Group which offers clients worldwide a total package when it comes to high quality surface treatment.


The Metalfinish Group is devoted to excellence in quality surface treatments for non-ferro materials, combined with a worldwide service.

We offer custom solutions for every project. Let us advise you on the treatment which suites your project the best.


To provide custom quality solutions Worldwide quality solutions regarding surface treatment for all non-ferro materials.
To deliver excellence in quality service treatments We believe in continuous quality improvement (CQI), originating form a down-to-earth, but hands-on Friesian mentality. Well known for our flexibility, we take on almost every complex assignment. When needed we even develop new processes from scratch to expand our service package further and meet our customers’ expectations.
A man of his word. We stand for the highest quality and service. That is our commitment to you as a client.