Cleaning, maintaining and repairing stainless steel

Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs of stainless steel are also services provided on a global scale by the Metalfinish Group. After inspection of the surface condition, the degree of damage, and the existing corrosion, we will construct a customized plan of action. After which our employee(s) will visit for regrinding and repolishing. To ensure a long service life of stainless steel, we recommend regular maintenance. The grinding and polishing of stainless steel parts can be carried out in our workshop as well as on-site, depending on the task as well as the preference of the customer. A view examples of requests that we receive on a regular basis: the removal of scratches after the construction period, the renovation of handrails, the repair of damaged stainless steel elevator interiors and tanks or pipes in the chemical and food industry that have been corroded, and many more.


Metalfinish Group performs on-site (worldwide) repairs of surface impurities of stainless steel – and other non-ferro materials – to restore its original appearance and functionality.

We restore, among other things:

  • Organic contaminated stainless steel
  • Contact corrosion due to compressed iron particles, oils or aggressive detergents
  • Scratches and damages
  • Stains or stripes
  • Corroded stainless steel

We offer custom solutions for every project. Let us advise you on the treatment which suits your project the best.


Our staff works for a large variety of customers at our workshop as well as at on-site locations all over the world. Whilst grinding and polishing on-site, our intention is to keep disturbances at a minimum, so that you can carry on business as usual. We work on products of all shapes and sizes according to the specifications handed to us by our clients.

Creating a finish on complex stainless steel products is predominantly done by hand. Alongside achieving the desired RA value, the look and feel of the product is also of great importance. Our employees are able to work on various end products matching our clients’ preferences. Next to stainless steel, we work with materials such as aluminum, copper, brass, and other non-ferro materials.

First we eliminate welding seams and irregularities, next we will be generating the right finish. For existing products we can make any damages or discolorations disappear. In addition we are active in the area of yacht refit on a global scale.

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