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Cleaning, maintaining and repairing stainless steel

The cleaning, care and maintenance of stainless steel is also a service provided by Metalfinish Group. We renovate for example stainless steel parts for elevators and escalators, but also architectural objects. By looking at the surface condition, the degree of damage and the existing corrosion we make a plan of approach with a view to maintenance and refit of damaged or corroded stainless steel

Removing impurities on stainless steel

Metalfinish Group repairs on-site (worldwide) impurities in the surface of stainless steel to restore it in appearance and functionality. We restore, among other things:

  • Organic contaminants that prevent the formation of the passive layer (a protective chromium oxide layer). A prerequisite for the formation of a flawless and effective passive layer is a clean, pure surface.
  • Contact corrosion due to compressed iron particles, oils or aggressive detergents
  • Scratches and damages
  • Stains or stripes
  • Rust particles that are supplied externally

Contaminated areas are always subjected to a post-treatment so that the corrosion resistance can be fully restored. This post-treatment is our PolinoxProtect technique.

Maintenance or renovation of stainless steel parts

To ensure a long service life of stainless steel, we recommend that regular maintenance be carried out. The grinding and polishing of stainless steel parts can be carried out in our workshop and on location. Examples of requests that we receive regularly: the removal of scratches after the construction period, the renovation of handrails, the repair of damaged stainless steel elevator interiors and tanks or pipes in the chemical and food industry that have been corroded.

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