Our manual grinding & polishing department

Manual grinding and polishing of complex products. Work is performed in our workshop and on site worldwide and within all branches of industry: the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry, superyacht industry, art objects and architectonic objects. We are involved in custom work regarding various alloys. We work on stainless steel products, as well as aluminium, duplex, super duplex, alloy, hastelloy, titanium, etcetera.


We offer a worldwide service for both new objects and maintenance. Next to that we also operate in our workshop in the Netherlands.

We offer you the following finishing possibilities:

  • High-gloss / mirror 8 polishing
  • Grinding for roughness (RA value)

  • Different grit sizes (60-800)
  • Brushing in line – ‘angel hair’
  • Brushing directionless

  • Scotch Brite

We offer custom solutions for every project. Let us advise you on the treatment which suits your project the best.


Our staff works both in our workshop and on site worldwide with a large variety of customers. Whilst grinding and polishing on site, our intention is to keep disturbances at a minimum, so that you can carry on business as usual.

Grinding and polishing is often the final process on stainless steel products. The improvement of surface characteristics is essential in many industries. Simultaneously, grinding and polishing can be used as a pre treatment in certain industries for aesthetic and practical purposes such as higher cleanability and less bacteria adhesion.

Manually finishing – especially mirror polishing – is a craftmanship that not a lot of people possess. We like to think of our employees as artists, they fully transform an object in the same way a painter changes his white canvas.

Before vs. After

before brass sheetbrass sheet after
Before metalfinish group superyachtAfter metalfinish group superyacht
Metalfinish Group kunst 2Metalfinish Group kunst 1

Some examples

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