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Eurofinish is a specialist in manual grinding and polishing. We complete surface treatment on art objects, architectural objects, objects relating to the chemical industry, food industry, luxury yachts and offshore products. Grinding and polishing industrial steel tanks, hulls and floors (on site) is also one of the services we offer.

Creating the right finish: an essential process

Grinding and polishing is often the final process on stainless steel products. The improvement of surface characteristics is essential in many industries. Simultaneously, grinding and polishing can be used as a pre treatment in certain industries. With a view to aesthetics and practical purposes such as easier cleaning and decreasing bacteria growth. More information? Feel free to contact us!

Examples manual finishing

Creating finishes for objects with complex forms is mostly done by hand. In particular products made from stainless steel, but also aluminium, duplex, superduplex, alloy, hastelloy, titanium and steel. Some examples of manual finishing are:

  • Grinding for roughness
  • Grinding in accordance with grit size
  • Polishing according to mirror
  • High-gloss polishing
  • Brushing in line
  • Brushing without any direction
  • Scotch Bride
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