The green way of metal treatment.

H2Ofinish is a wet blasting technique that gives stainless steel and inox a low and reproducible SRI value below 0,010. This means minimal dirt attachment and optimal cleanability. H2Ofinish meets every requirement for sanitary and hygienic processing for the pharmaceutical industry as well as the food industry. Products treated with H2Ofinish are resistant to the daily cleaning and disinfecting done within the sectors of pharmaceutics, liquor and food. However, this technique can also be used within other industries such as automotive, architectonic objects, pools, and the medical industry. No harmful chemical substances are used in this process, the wet blasting technique has hardly any environmental impact.


It is common knowledge that stainless steel cannot be endlessly exposed to chemical or maritime environments without corrosion eventually occurring. H2Ofinish is a technique that:

  • Increases corrosion resistance – Excellent in combination with Polinox Protect

  • Minimal dirt attachment – SRI value below 0,010

  • Smooth finish – Visual aspect: Satin gloss

  • Optimal cleanability – resistant to daily cleaning & disinfection

  • Environmental friendly – No use of chemicals


The Soil Retention Index (SRI) value after wet blasting appears to be the most preferable when compared with all other surface treatments and finishes. This concerns the value of the quantity of impurities that remain on a surface after a cleaning has taken place.

The combination of H2Ofinish and the Polinox Protect treatment will lead to an extraordinary resistance to corrosion. This combination will lead to a greater range of applications for the well-known AISI304 and 316.

This technology is often used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the liquor, food, automotive and medical industry.

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