Specialist in grinding and polishing SQUARE & RECTANGULAR tubes

Our Metalfinish department has a large machinery which includes two machines for the specialism of grinding and polishing square and rectangular tubes of all non-ferro materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and brass. When needed we can provide you with measurement reports.


Below you can see an indication of the possibilities we offer.

  • Outside finishing of tubes: Up to 150x150x7500mm
  • Minimum length for the machinery 100mm
  • Other sizes will be transferred to another machine and/or will be manually finished
  • Measurement reports and remarking of the tubes is a possibility we offer

We offer specific solutions for every project. If you have items with deviant measurements please contact us so we can tell you our other options that we have.


The grinding and polishing of square tubes and rectangular tubes is a precise work. We have the equipment and skills to achieve the correct finish for every kind of tube. Thanks to automated & semi-automated grinding machines, we are able to work on a large diversity of stainless steel but we also work with brass tubes and aluminum tubes.

After the grinding and polishing process, the pipes are packaged individually in plastic to prevent damaging. When needed we could adjust the packaging according to your requirements.

One of our key concepts is flexibility when it comes to urgent plannings. When necessary our grindery works 24/7 to get the job done.


We also specialize in the grinding and polishing of: