Specialist in grinding and polishing tubes INSIDE & OUTSIDE

Thanks to 30 years of experience, our Metalfinish department is specialist in mechanically finishing tubes both the inside and outside, to achieve any desired roughness or even a mirror polish. The unique tube grinding machine, developed in-house at Metalfinish, allows us to grind and to polish tubes with the length up to 14,5 meters internally. We can also supply measurement reports for these lengths.


Below you can see an indication of the possibilities concerning measurements.

  • Outside finishing of tubes: No maximum measurements
  • Inside finishing of tubes up to 6000mm – min. diameter 20mm
  • Inside finishing of tubes 6000 – 14500mm – min. diameter 100mm

We offer specific solutions for every project. If you have items with deviant measurements please contact us so we can tell you our other options that we have.


The grinding and polishing of tubes is precision work. We have the equipment and skills to achieve the correct finish for every kind of tube. Thanks to automated & semi-automated grinding machines, we are able to work on a large diversity of stainless steel (and other non-ferro material) products. This includes cylinders, pipes, parts of tanks, inch pipes, gas pipes and steam pipes of various sizes and thicknesses.

After the grinding and/or polishing process, the pipes are packaged individually in plastic to prevent damaging. When needed we could adjust the packaging according to your requirements.

One of our key concepts is flexibility when it comes to urgent plannings. When necessary our grindery works 24/7 to get the job done.


We also specialize in the grinding and polishing of: