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Grinding and polishing of sheet metal

Our sheetmetal grindery is one of the largest in Europe with three wide belt machines (2x 2000mm / 1x 1500mm) and three longbelt machines. This allows us to create finishes for stainless steel sheets in line with your requirements, regardless of their measurements and thickness.

We can grind sheets by using any desired grit size. Our machines create a beautiful and even grinding profile and with the required roughness value (up to Ra 0,1). We grind and polish various types of material. These include standard formats and custom sheets. We can grind hot-rolled sheets up to 12.000 mm long and 12 mm thick on the broadband. The sheets can then be further processed to gloss brushed or polished. Products are always carefully packaged. The sheets can also be treated with foil, single or double sided, with laser foil or bending foil.


We grind and polish the following alloys

  • Stainless steel
  • Duplex & Superduplex
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Alloy & Hasteloy

We offer specific solutions for every project. Let us advise you on the treatment which suites you the best.


Our staff works both in our workshop and on site worldwide with a large variety of customers. Whilst grinding and polishing on site, our intention is to keep disturbances at a minimum, so that you can carry on business as usual. We work on products of all shapes and sizes according to the specifications handed to us by our clients

Creating a finish on complex stainless steel products is predominantly done by hand. Alongside achieving the desired RA value, the look and feel of the product is also of importance. Our employees are able to work on various end products according to our clients’ preferences. Next to stainless steel, we also work with materials such as aluminium, copper, brass, and other non-ferro materials.

First we eliminate welding seams and irregularities, followed by generating the right finish. For existing products we can make any damages or discolorations disappear. We are also active in the area of yacht refit on a global scale.

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Web: www.metalfinishgroup.com