Specialist in grinding and polishing of sheet metal

Our sheetmetal grindery is one of the largest in Europe with three wide belt machines (2x 2000mm / 1x 1500mm) and three longbelt machines. This allows us to create finishes for stainless steel sheets in line with your requirements, regardless of their measurements and thickness.

We can grind sheets by using any desired grit size. Our machines create a beautiful and even grinding profile and with the required roughness value (up to Ra 0,1). We grind and polish various types of materials. These include standard formats and custom sheets. We can grind hot-rolled sheets up to 15.000 mm long and without a maximum in thickness. The sheets can then be further processed to gloss brushed or polished. Products are always carefully packaged. The sheets will be covered with foil, single or double sided, with laser foil or bending foil.


We grind and polish the following alloys

  • Stainless steel
  • Duplex & Superduplex
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Alloy & Hasteloy

We offer specific solutions for every project. Let us advise you on the treatment which suites you the best.


Our sheet grindery is one of the largest in Europe. After the arrival of our latest Peitzmeier longbelt grinding machine with a width of 9.5 meter (and no maximum when it comes to thickness), size is not an issue any more.

The polishing of sheets up to mirror 8 is also a possibility for sheet metal – when needed two sides. Contact us to get more information about this specific finish. We can send you some samples when needed.

One of our key concepts is flexibility when it comes to urgent plannings. When necessary our grindery works 24/7 to get the job done.