Mechanical grinders & polishers

Over the past 35 years our Metalfinish department has grown into a recognized specialist in the field of mechanical grinding and polishing. We are constantly updating our machine park to be able to deliver a quick service and a high quality. We specialise in finishing sheet metal, tubes (in- and outside), vessels, bottoms, strips and angled profiles. When needed we work with our clients to find custom solutions for the grinding and polishing of specific materials and on site work.


Mechanical grinding and polishing of sheets, tubes, vessels, strips, bottoms, and angled profiles.

We offer you the following finishing possibilities:

  • High-gloss polishing

  • Grinding for roughness (RA)
  • Different grit sizes (60-800)
  • Brushing in line – ‘angelhair’
  • Brushing directionless

We offer specific solutions for every project. Let us advise you on the treatment which suites you the best.


Mechanical grinding of sheet metal is one of our areas of expertise. Our grindery is one of the largest of Europe including a unique machine which can grind and polish sheets of every size and up to every thickness.

Metalfinish is able to mechanically finish tubes inside and outside including measurement reports. The unique tube grinding machine – developed in-house – allows us to grind and polish tubes with a length up to 14,5 meters (again including measurement reports).

The grinding and polishing of specific materials and on site work is an option we offer. We have several bottom grinders available in different sizes. One of our machines can be brought to any place within Europe when needed.